Zachariah H.J. Benefield:

A Confederate Letter



This letter was written by Zachariah H J Benefield to his wife, Sarah Jane Gore, while he was serving in the Civil War on, April 4,1864. Enlisted with the Franklin Volunteers, Company "G" 7th Georgia Regiment of Infantry.
Note: This letter is transcribed as Zachariah has written it.

Submitted by Peggy Shaw



7 Reg Ga Vol Near Zolicofer Tenn April the 4th 1864

Mrs Sary Jane Benefield

Dear beloved wife I seat my self this morning to drop you A few lines to let you no that I am well at this time and hoping this few lines may --- ---- to hand and find you enjoying the best of health Jane I have no mise of intrust to write to you Only we have had A hard march we marched five days it snode and rained everyday we ar campt a- Zolicofer tennessee Aleven miles from the line of Virginia When you hear from me again I will be in Virginia I recton We hav stopied at Zolicofer to rest A few days on tuesday the 22 of March the snow fell two feet deep hear & it has bin snowing & raining evry sence We ar on our rode to Virginia I think
Jane we ar faring verry bad for something to eat we git flour with the brand in it & it is half oats & man cant hardly eate it we dont git half A nuf if it We steal A little & prearsh A little We cant by nothing our money ant no count Jane this is the fift letter I hav rote to you & got no
ancer yet Jane I dont no what to think Jane you sed you wood write to me every week if you have rite to me I hant got you letter Jane if node how bad I want to hear from you you wood write to me I hant got A crutch of fear from no body Sence I left home I am About eight hundred milds from home Jane I dont no how to write if I git A letter I wood no better how to write Jane tell brother that I am A looking for A letter from him thay Say that the Yankes is Advansing on richmon A gin we hav to go and defend it we A folling back out of east tennessee Jane we saw a bad time A marching threw the snow & rain thay ar A feeding us on oats & rye & wheat mus- togather & it not boiled the chaf & brand is all in it Giv my lov and best respects to all friends I must Close So no more at present Only remains your truly husband until deth

Write soon Good By When this you See remember Me

Z H J Benefield
Dy rect your letter to Bristle tenn Com G 7 Reg Ga Vol


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