Robert W. Christie:

A Union Letter


A two part letter written by Private Robert W. Christie just a month after enlisting in Company E of the 29th Indiana Infantry on September 26, 1861. Private Christie would die in Nashville on May 15, 1862.



1 Mile from Camp Nevin on

Picket guard  12 M.

Dear Parents

I take this opportunity to let you know that I am well at present and hope you are the same today our company is on picket I am on the pike leading from Louisville to Nashville two in a place we sit on a board in the fence corner opposite a Doctor’s shop it is a beautiful day warm it appears to me just like an April day in Ind the days are warm but the nights are cool but we have plenty of cover & blankets and straw to lay on the health of the camp is good by taking in consideration the number that is in camp 50,000 men is a good many to be within sight Gen. Sherman is here. I do not know what his business is but I think we will not stay long some of the officers say we will leave this week but they do not know any more than I do. We have a good time of it today our orders are to let no person through without a pass and when any one comes that has no pass we have to take him to headquarters we get plenty of apples from those that are takeing them to camp to sell when we stop them for their passes they give us apples by the wholesale. I believe we are to be payed this week so the Colonel says. He also says that we will be at home by New Years but perhaps he does not know I am very well satisfied not home sick some of the boys are. I do not have much time to write today so must close I have not received a letter from you since I came to camp but have been looking for one.

Write soon and do not put it off Direct the same and if we leave it will follow.

I remain your fond and affectionate Son



Fourth page

Camp Nevin Oct. 30th/61

Since writing the above letter I have received your letter and was glad to hear that you was well. The man that was shot belonged to the 30th Reg and was on picket when he was ordered to another place he had to cross the beat of another the night was dark and he did not see the guard nor him speak when the guard shot he lived about half an hour the one that shot him was a personal friend belong to the same company last night some of our boys shot at men in the woods but missed. Our regiment leaves tomorrow with the rest of the camp for Green river the rebel camp do not expect to have to fight but may our scouts say there is near30,000 at that camp between there and Bowling Green they say there is a good many but a young man that made his escape yesterday say they do not intend to fight us in Ken but fall back into Ten. But we go prepared to fight if necessary how much further than the river we will go no one in this knows at present but do not expect to stay long at one place as the Gen says he wants to winter in Nashville.

No more at present

I remain your fond and loving son

Robt Christie

There was stamps in the letter and was glad to get them   Robt Christie 



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