Organization of Confederate Troops at the 1st Battle of Bull Run - July 21, 1861


ARMY OF THE POTOMAC (Commanded by Brigadier General P. G. T. BEAUREGARD)

First Brigade (Commanded by Brigadier General MILLEDGE L. BONHAM)
11th North Carolina Infantry
2nd South Carolina Infantry
3rd South Carolina Infantry
7th South Carolina Infantry

8th South Carolina Infantry
8th Louisiana Infantry
30th Virginia Cavalry
Radford Rangers
Botetourt Dragoons
Hanover Light Dragoons
Fairfax Cavalry
Lieutenant Colonel W. Munford's Squadron
Black Horse Troop
Chesterfield Light Dragoons
Franklin Rangers
Alexandria Light Artillery

1st Company, Richmond Homitzers

Second Brigade (Commanded by Brigadier General RICHARD S. EWELL)
5th Alabama Infantry
6th Alabama Infantry
6th Louisiana Infantry
Lieutenant Colonel W. H. Jenifer's Cavalry Battalion
1st Company, Washington Artillery


Third Brigade (Commanded by Brigadier General D. R. JONES)
17th Mississippi Infantry
18th Mississippi Infantry
5th South Carolina Infantry
Appomattox Rangers, 30th Virginia Cavalry
2nd Company, Washington Artillery


Fourth Brigade (Commanded by Brigadier General JAMES LONGSTREET)
5th North Carolina Infantry
1st Virginia Infantry
11th Virginia Infantry
17th Virginia Infantry
24th Virginia Infantry
Amherst Mounted Rangers, 30th Virginia Cavalry
3rd Company, Washington Artillery

Fifth Brigade (Commanded by Colonel P. ST. GEORGE COCKE)
8th Virginia Infantry
18th Virginia Infantry
19th Virginia Infantry
28th Virginia Infantry
49th Virginia Battalion
Wise Troop
Loudoun Artillery
Lynchburg Artillery


Sixth Brigade (Commanded by Colonel JUBAL A. EARLY)
7th Louisiana Infantry
13th Mississippi Infantry
7th Virginia Infantry
4th Company, Washington Artillery

Seventh Brigade (Commanded by Colonel NATHAN G. EVANS)
4th South Carolina Infantry
1st Special Louisiana Battalion
Campbell Rangers, 30th Virginia Cavalry
Clay Dragoons, 30th Virginia Cavalry

Reserve Brigade (Commanded by Brigadier General THEOPHILUS H. HOLMES)
1st Arkansas Infantry
2nd Tennessee Infantry
Hampton's South Carolina Legion (6 companies)
Purcell Artillery
Camp Picken's Battery


First Brigade (Commanded by Brigadier General THOMAS J. JACKSON)
2nd Virginia Infantry
4th Virginia Infantry
5th Virginia Infantry
27th Virginia Infantry
33rd Virginia Infantry (8 companies)
Rockbridge Artillery

Second Brigade (Commanded by Colonel FRANCIS BARLOW)
7th Georgia Infantry
8th Georgia Infantry
Wise Artillery

Third Brigade (Commanded by Brigadier General BARNARD E. BEE)
4th Alabama Infantry
2nd Mississippi Infantry
11th Mississippi Infantry (Companies A and F)
6th North Carolina Infantry
Staunton Artillery

Fourth Brigade (Commanded by Brigadier General EDMUND KIRBY SMITH)
1st Maryland Battalion Infantry
3rd Tennessee Infantry
10th Virginia Infantry
Culpeper Artillery

Not Brigaded
1st Virginia Cavalry
Thomas Artillery


Source - The Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies and The National Park Service


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